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Ares God Essays - War Gods, God Of War, Ares, Phobos, Zeus, Hera

Ares God My report is on Ares. He is the god of war and violence and in Norse mythology he was the god of war, violence, and justice. He was the son of Zeus and Hera. His weapon of choice was a spear because it was magical. The magical part of it was he could summon it by call it and the other part of it was if it targeted some one it followed it until it killed it. Among the deities associated with Ares were his consort, Aphrodite, goddess of love, and such minor deities as Deimos (Fear) and Phobos (Rout), who accompanied him in battle. The Roman god Mars, with whom Ares was identified, was the father of Romulus and Remus, the mythological founders of Rome. Thus he was more important to the Romans than his Greek counterpart. He was also more dignified. It was said that his throne on mount Olympus was covered in human skin. He was not immortal he could be killed by a human. Most gods, Romans, and Greeks hated him. Though an immortal deity, he was bested by Hercules in battle and was almost ki lled when stuffed into a jar by two giants. When he was fighting on the side of the Trojans Pallas Athene wounded him. She put on the helm of Death and, after bending his spear, hurled a bolder at him, knocking him down senseless, he received scant sympathy from his father Zeus. The worship of Ares, believed to have originated in Thrace, was not extensive in ancient Greece, and where it existed, it lacked social or moral significance. Ares was an ancestral deity of Thebes and had a temple at Athens, at the foot of the Areopagus, or Hill of Ares. Once he was caught cheating with Aphrodite and was hung in a net for all the gods to see and laugh at them. He is like a big bully because Ares often picked on the humans and little guys. To commemorate his victory over the assasins of Julius Caesar in 42BC, Emperor Augustus honored Ares with the cult title Ultor (Avenger) and a new temple. Most hateful to me are you of all gods on Olympus, forever is strife dear to you and wars and fighting .* He often carried a bloodstained spear. He had over 20 different mates and 30 children. It was said that he always used a heavy set of armor, which had a helm, Breastplate, spear, and some times and shield. Zeus admitted he hated Areas for his violence and aggression Athene was the goddess of war and was a half sister to Ares. Athene thought Ares' behavior was just disgraceful. Ares wasn't the most successful warrior. He was also thought of as a coward and sometimes a clumsy fighter. Troy, son of Ares, killed his father, not in a battle, but with his own cleverness. When Ares heard the clashing of arms, he grinned with glee, put on his gleaming helmet, and leapt into his war chariot. Brandishing his sword, he rushed into the thick of battle, not caring that won or lost as long as blood was shed. A vicious crowd followed at his heels, carrying with them Pain, Panic, Famine and Oblivion. Once in a while, Ares was wounded. He was immortal but whenever he would get hurt he would run b ack to his father, Zeus healed. Needless to say, Zeus was very disgusted with his son. Ares was mainly worshipped in Thracia, a region known for its fierce people. In some stories, it was his sister that sparked the Trojan War, for she created the golden apple engraved to the most beautiful goddess and gave it to the unsuspecting Paris. His son killed him by cleverness. He was like Zeus because he had reproduced from women and left her. It is said that when took a bath that he took it in blood. His mom and dad did not like him because he tried to kill them to gain power and they did not like how he killed every one. Some people still believe in him and think the he will grant a wish of revenge that if you want revenge just say

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Long beach essays

Long beach essays One of the huge concerns in Long Beach currently is the security at the Port of Long Beach. Since 9/11, there have been many security concerns all over the nation. With the Port of Long Beach being the second busiest container seaport in the United States, after only Los Angeles, security is a big concern. In seeing that the Port of Long Beach is one of the busiest in the country, there are endless possibilities of security glitches that can occur. Port officials have to be conscious of monitoring drug trafficking, the importing and exporting of illegal materials and substances, and so on. Since the Port is a leading gateway for the U.S. Asia trade, and the demand for goods from Asia has grown tremendously in recent years, the Port contributes immensely to our economy through business and providing an abundant amount of jobs for our community. So it is extremely important to keep our Port as safe as possible. Currently, the city has already set up The Board of Harbor Commissi oners. The five-member board is responsible for setting policy for the port and the management and control of the Harbor Department. So there already exists a board to oversee the issues regarding the port and take responsibility for the activities taking place at the port. I would just make sure one of their main focuses be a concentration on keeping security policies updated. Also I believe that there is never too much security. The more security there is, the better. So I would propose a bill to use a percentage of the ports revenue to increase security personnel and security equipment to further counteract any security problems that may occur. Since there are so many chances for security problems to occur and the great growth of technology that is available for criminal to utilize, there is no way that we can take a passive role to counteracting security issues at the Port. We must take an active role to keep one step ah...

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Contracts, Trademarks, and European E-Commerce Law Case Study

Contracts, Trademarks, and European E-Commerce Law - Case Study Example Alfred uses written standard terms of business which include the term â€Å"All soft Ltd is not liable for the results of using this software†. The software costs Ј50, with a postage and packing charge of Ј5 if sent via DVD. Brian lives in another EU country (not the UK). He goes to Alfred’s website with the intention of downloading a copy of Alfred’s latest computer program for use in his own small business. He clicks on a â€Å"Download Now† button, inputs his address and credit card details, and is presented with Alfred’s contract terms as a ‘Click Wrap agreement. Brian scrolls down through the agreement without reading it, clicks an ‘I accept button at the bottom of the screen, and downloads the software. He then begins using it. assy lives in the UK. She goes to Alfred’s website with the intention of buying a copy of Alfred’s latest computer program on DVD, for her own personal use. She clicks on an â€Å"Order Now† button, inputs her address and credit card details, clicks a button that says Submit, and places her order. When the software arrives on DVD five days later, Cassy puts the DVD into her computer and is presented with Alfred’s contract terms as a ‘Click Wrap agreement. Cassy scrolls down through the agreement and notices the term â€Å"To the extent allowed by law, All soft Ltd is not liable for the results of using this software†. Cassy clicks an ‘I accept button at the bottom of the screen, and is then able to begin using the software. Alfred’s software is vulnerable to a new computer virus which infects Brian’s and Cassy’s computers and causes them to crash repeatedly. In consequence, Brian suffers an economic loss of Ј10, 000 due to the interruption in his business. Cassy suffers an economic loss of Ј100, which is the cost of taking her computer to a local servicer to get the virus removed and Alfred’s software uninstalled. Both Brian and Cassy contact Alfred, demanding to be compensated for the losses they have incurred.

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Sociological Analysis of Asia's premier serial killer Charles Gurmukh Essay

Sociological Analysis of Asia's premier serial killer Charles Gurmukh Sobhraj - Essay Example He was admitted to a boarding school in Paris but he managed to drop out at least twice to visit Vietnam. It is interesting reading that these trips were paid with help of fraud checks. Nevertheless, Sobhraj spent three years for burglary and eight months for car theft in prison in France in the 1960's. In the 1970's Sobhraj became dabbling in drug smuggling. He made a core group for himself and acted in pack as he was very flexible with his ways of crime. It at this point of his career that the notorious "Bikini Murders" took shape with Teresa Knowlton, a Seattle woman who had traveled to Bangkok on her way to Kathmandu. Multiple murders of the similar type surfaced and it was found out that the usual methods of Sobhraj was to drug first and then go for the kill and occasionally burning the bodies after the kill. Sobhraj is implicated in at least 10 murders in Thailand in 1975 alone. The total body count for this killer is actually 32. Sobhraj, once commented that his greatest strength was his great love for the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. This is an interesting clue to the psyche of this serial killer. As in Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy he also believed that women should be treated on whip.

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Practical Ways Of Promoting Resilience Young People Essay

Practical Ways Of Promoting Resilience Young People Essay Resilience as described by many writers is a complex term and therefore needs to be understood in the context. Resilience is normally sought in the child, family and community (Phillips, G. 2008). As professionals, attending training courses helps us to seek something that may assist us in our understanding of those areas. This keeps us in seeking mood and all the time, we tend to keep attention outside ourselves. When we as practitioners recognise resilience in ourselves, we can them be able to facilitate resiliency, thereby linking theory to practice (Phillips, G. (2008). DEFINING RESILIENCE There are many definitions of resilience by different authors. In this context therefore, resilience is defined by Share and Lowlor (2009: 269) as ability to thrive, mature and increase competences in the face of adverse circumstances. Overall, when loved ones absence or presence remains a mystery, meaning and purpose are essential to finding the health and life. After 9/11, some survivors believed that their loved ones being in the Twin Towers at the time of the attack was predestined or Gods will. Many who believed this continue to trust in God to see them through their travels while they move forward with their lives (Boss, P 2006:97). Some characteristics associated with resilient children include cognitive proficiency (especially intellectual curiosity and problem solving), autonomy, good social skills and internal locus of control (Share and Lowlor (2009: 269). Resilience is the capacity to transcend adversity may be seen as the essential quality with care planning and provision should seek to stimulate as a key outcome of the care offered (Gilligan, R. 1997: 14) It is suppressing how resilient people are despite having experienced high risk situation, such as war, disaster, loss, and adversity during childhood and adolescence (Waaktaar, T. Chrisrtie, H, J. Borge, A. Torgersen, S. 2004: 164). Adult who promote resilience make family and institutional supports available to children. They empower children to become independent, responsible, and empathic at altruistic and to approach people and situation with hope, faith and trust (John, M. 1997: 24). However, adults can help children identify resilience behaviours more easily in themselves and others, such as using vocabulary to reinforce these feeling and beliefs that promote resilience and to guide their own childrens behaviour. Therefore, the greater their opinion for acting in the ways that help children met situation such as crisis in their lives with greater strength and hope John, M 1997: 26). Therefore, the most critical key to resiliency is the ability to hold two opposing ideas at the same time. Whatever part is taken, the search for the meaning is much more difficult when the loss is unclear (Boss, P. 2006: 97). THREE THEORIES OF RESILIENCE (1) The Childs Sense of a Secure Base : The growth of a child is influenced by secure attachments which supply him/her with a reliable secure base (Bowlby 1988). Furthermore, it encourages and renders safe exploration of the childs inner world. A young persons sense of secure base therefore is cultivated by a sense of belonging within supportive social networks, attachment relationships to reliable and responsible people and by routine and structures in their lives (Gilligan, R. 1997: 15-16). However, I HAVE factors is one of the external supports and resources that promote resilience in children according to John, M. (1997: 26-27). I HAVE factors includes: trusting relationships, (parents, other family members, teachers, and friends who love and have the interest and welfare of the child), structures and rules at home, (parents who provides rules and routine expects the child to follow them, for example, the task the child is expected to perform, when the rule is broken, the child is helped to understand what he/she did wrong). Others includes: access to health, education, welfare and security services which is available to the child. (2) The Childs Self Esteem: this is based on persons sense of their own worthiness and competences. Rutter (1990) came up with two types of experience which is important in influencing self esteem in young children and they are, secure and harmonious love relationship, and success in accomplishing tasks by others as central to their interests. Also success in an endeavour which the person values may do much to combat a sense of failure in other spheres of ones life (Rutter, 1990 cited Gilligan, R. 1997:17). Therefore, factors such as I AM are the childs internal and personal strengths. These are feelings, attitudes, and beliefs within the child, for example, a resilient child would say: I am proud of myself: this means the child knows that he/she is an important individual and is proud of who he/she is and what he/she is capable of doing and can achieve. I am autonomous and responsible: the child can do a lot with his/her initiative and be responsible and accountable for his/her acti ons or mistakes. I am filled with hope, faith, and trust: the child knows and believes that he/she has hope and there are people and institution which he/she can trust and have faith in. Finally, the child will realise that he/she is loveable and his/her temperament is appealing, he/she is loving, empathic and altruistic (John, M. 1997: 28). (3) Sense of Self Efficacy: this is a situation were parenting style influences whether a child acquires a sense of internal control with regards to attaining desired outcomes. Some factors which promote childs self efficacy includes the parent / caregiver beliefs in the childs own sense of control, responsiveness, consistency, warmth, praise, support and encouragement to the childs to engage / participate in his/her environment (Sandler et al, 1989 cited Gilligan, R. 1997: 17). Moreover, I CAN factor helps to promote the childs sense of efficacy because; it is the childs social and interpersonal skills. Children acquire these skills by constant interaction with others and those who educate them, for example, a resilient child would say: I can communicate: at this stage, the child expresses thoughts and feelings, also be empathetic towards others. I can solve problem: the child can assess a situation of a problem, finds out what needs to be done to resolve the issues and if help is needed form others. Also I can manage my feelings and impulses; I can gauge the temperature of myself and others, and finally seek trusting relationship (John, M. 1997: 29). PRACTICAL WAYS OF PROMOTING RESILIENCE In promoting resilience, any work with children must be similarly in the contexts of their families, school, communities, and the large society (Grotherg, E, H. 2003: 5) Therefore, as a social care practitioner, it is important to know that we are only able to influence that portion of resilience that is amenable to influence through social experience. We cannot affect the degree of resilience that a person has temperamentally due to what they have inherited through their genes (Gilligan, R 2001: 6). As a Social Worker, we can encourage purposeful contact between the child, the family, and other key adults for the childs past, encourage positive school experience, encourage friendships with peers, actively foster interest, strong social network, involvement and talents in sports, music, hobbies or cultural pursuits, help the child to rehearse, and discuss problem solving and coping skills and strategies. Also, each of these I AM, I HAVE, and I CAN factors suggest numerous actions children, parent / caregiver, and practitioner can take to promote resilience (Gilligan, R. 1997: 18-21) This Scenario was adopted from the International Resilience Project by Grotberg, E, H. (2003: 30) A nine year old boy went out of the house even after his father told him not to go out. The father did not know about this until he realized it was late and the boy was not at home. You will promote resilience if you talk to him when he returns and ask why he broke the rules (I HAVE); if you make clear that his behaviour is not acceptable even with his excuses, and that he is responsible for what he did (I AM); and if you talk with him about what needs to be done to prevent this kind of behaviour in the future (I CAN). He will learn from his experience to use resilience to face this adversity, to learn from it, and to behave in a more responsible way in the future. You do not promote resilience if you yell at him or spank him when he comes home, and accuse him of being a bad boy. Then you make him feel guilty, but resentful, and you have given him a label of bad boy, which will influence his idea of himself in the future. He will have difficulty dealing with a future adverse situation, even one that he creates, because he lacks resilience and none is being promoted.

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Beauty in Nature Essay

The world has come to a point where there is no turning back; where we can’t undo what is already done. We have forgotten the importance of the use of natural resources we need to survive. We have also forgotten our responsibility to the world, so that it can remain healthy and alive. I fear if we continue polluting our environment and not help it improve itself, we are going to have nothing towards the end. The world needs a better place for everyone to enjoy, no matter what living situation you are in. Everything relates to one another, water, air, energy, sun light, humans, and specially animals; we are all useful to one another. However, I believe that it is possible for us to improve our living situation, and make our world healthier to live in. It is not impossible to do, but if everyone is willing to work together and start making changes there will be a positive effect towards the world. We live and breathe toxic and factory pollution in our everyday lives without even realizing the damage that we have caused. Every year the atmosphere thickens with air pollution and lakes are becoming more toxic with the waste that we dump. Not realizing what we have done to the world and what we are taking advantage of, should be the red flag for us, telling us that we need to change our living situations now. However, being asked to cut down on some of our resources that we use in our everyday life would be difficult to do because some wouldn’t know how to survive without them. We need the supplies that we are used to because it is what we know and what we are used too. On the other hand, what is the harm on trying something new; taking shorter showers, picking up trash that is around you in public areas, buying recyclable pencils, or plastic bottles? Humans are not the only ones who live on the world; animals are very much involved too. Animals need to feel safe; they need a home to live in, and cutting down trees destroying their homes are not the ans wers. Animals suffer every day to find a home. For example Polar bears are going extinct because there is it too much heat in the atmosphere, heat is beginning to melt off the remaining ice that is left for them. Forest animals are being forced to live in different habitats because trees are being cut down for shelter and living supplies for the humans. If the world  continues to cut down trees and make more land for people to live on, there are going to be no trees left. Animals are defenseless against humans; they don’t have a voice as humans do. Someone needs to speak up for the animals, and protect their homes. Nature can be seen as a beautiful thing, yet we are killing off those beautiful things in the world. We do not do it intentionally, but we are killing off our natural resources just by living our daily lives. We are killing off our trees, so we can have paper and money so we can spend more on paper, houses, and fire. When one tree falls, another should be planted. This can help and we wouldn’t run out of trees. Cows, chicken, pigs, animals are getting killed off so we can have food on our plate, and have clothes on our backs so we won’t freeze during the winter nights. Even though we need nature to survive there is always a negative effect using it. There are many ways that we can improve our world. Although it might be difficult to fix the damage that was already caused there is still hope for improvement. If we start off small and work ourselves to the top improving the environment would become easier each year. We should turn off the lights after exiting the room, and install sensor lights in every house making sure that energy is not being wasted. We can cut back on our water supply when we are in the shower or washing the dishes and watering the grass, by setting a timer on when to stop. We can create new technologies, so we are able to manage the amount of smoke that comes out in factories. We can also help the environment by getting others to join beach cleanups. Having more people picking up trash can help in many ways. Cleaning up the beach made me think about the other things that can help this world to survive a bit longer. It is not impossible to do because humans are the main source; we are the ones that need little something from everything and from everyone. It is not hard to pick up unwanted trash around you at the park or the streets, it is rare when people do that but little things like that can change a lot. Picking up a broken glass from the beach might have saved someone’s foot from running into it; picking up the burned rubber from the fire pit might have saved a bird from shocking to death. One thing leads to another, everything matters in life weather if it is the smallest thing in the world. Picking up trash in the beach made it look cleaner and made it look like a beach that people would enjoy going to. Going to the beach has encouraged me to go back and enjoy  the sound the waves do when they hit the surface. The beach clean was a fun experience to have because it can make you love nature even more by the smell or the sound that it makes. One can enjoy the view of the dolphins when they pass by in little groups, going up and down as if they are saying hi and goodbye each time their head pops out. Protecting and enjoying the beach is important because it is something that was created for us to enjoy the fresh air, and ignore the ugly in the world. In conclusion, if we make small changes now in the way we live, we can avoid huge changes in the future. Scientists, governments and individuals must work together to overcome this threat. Keeping the environment clean and healthy can save many lives infants, teens, and the elderly. Cleaning earth and making it a better place is not in overnight process, it will probably take years to fix, but it is possible.

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Coping with a wafler

Dealing with People that Make Your Life Difficult Principles of supervision week 4 Individual work 2 Abstract This paper will discuss the waffled employee and how does It compare to a hasty person. The term â€Å"waffled† generally refers to an individual who has a tough time making and sticking to decisions. Introduction A waffled is a person that stalls and changes his or her mind often. Most of the time, a â€Å"waffled† means well but fears making the wrong decision. I honestly don't see anything wrong with a person not wanting to make the wrong decision.Just be mindful of the consequences. Waffled Like most of us, a when faced with a situation, a wafer will weigh in on the pros and cons. The only negative aspect to a wafer is that his or her stalling in a fast-paced environment can be seen as a problem. The best possible way to connect with a waffled Is to develop a professional relationship, one close enough to show her she Is welcomed or liked. The key goal to co ping with a waffled is make the Individual feel accepted, a part of the team. Making a suggestion like going to lunch or how was your keen, helps out a lot when faced with a waffled.It's best that when dealing with a waffled to always provide feedback, whether good back and let the individual know you are here to help. Waffled vs. hasty person I think a waffled will focus on fitting In versus a hasty person who doesn't care to fit In. A hasty person may often display a nasty demeanor toward others for no reason at all. They could be having a bad day and they will blame you for it. A waffled is usually a pleasant individual. I have a co-worker on my job, who upon completion of this assignment, reminds me of a wafer.